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Who We Are

Apricot is a new technology that will reveal the missing piece of augmented and mixed reality experiences. This small, US startup is headed by inventor and CEO Connor Burnett and by CTO Rusty Boyd, a published engineer who spent over twenty years designing parts of the ATLAS Experiment at CERN, a collaboration who are co-discoverers of the Higgs Boson. The inventor of this exciting breakthrough technology, Mr. Burnett, is a Veteran and an avid AR/VR gamer who was quite frustrated by distractions in what should be a more immersive experience. That frustration led to a little bit of genius that will change AR/VR gaming forever.


Meet Our Team


Connor Burnett


Connor has been an avid gamer since early childhood. The introduction of AR/VR completely changed the dynamics of the gaming experience. As he continued to try out games in this new field, he noticed that something was missing that would allow for a more immersive and authentic experience. Through hundreds of hours of research, he created a solution to this problem. After being introduced to Rusty Boyd, who would later become the CTO, the reality of an entirely new gaming experience began to come to light.

Hence, Project Apricot was born.

Rusty Boyd


Rusty Boyd, Apricots CTO, retired as the Senior Electronics Engineer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Oklahoma. He has quite an accomplished background, from working at CERN on the ATLAS Experiment to being an accomplished singer/songwriter. After meeting Connor at his stepson’s wedding, they never thought they would meet again. But approximately a year later, Rusty was approached by Connor about joining the Apricot Team. With Rusty’s love for Electrical Engineering and his inquisitive nature, he could not help but leap at the opportunity to help create this technological marvel. He had originally gotten into Electrical Engineering in order to make games for adults, and now he found exactly what his younger self had been looking for.


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